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SplashWorks gives you the option to design your own pool from scratch or use one of the  1400 pre-drawn
pool templates

SplashWorks is a drafting program specifically developed for Swimming Pool, Spa and Landscape Contractors. If you want more options and the ability to draw unique designs, scaled plans with the detail and accuracy needed to create complete working blueprints, SplashWorks is your Pool & Landscape builder drawing program. It is a great value with incredible power and ease-of-use at a terrific price.
Are you paying for plans? Waiting for someone to complete a plan with your design ideas? Are you still hand drawing? Drawing the same objects over and over. Is the program you're using now not accurate or you get no support? Let Pool Design Software show you the value of SplashWorks.

FAST AND EASY Steps to complete a plan.

  1. SplashWorks has Direct Scanner Import which places the survey on screen allowing you to trace over and convert to scale easily. Go to File / Image / Scan Image / Select Scanner Source / Scan Image.
  2. Use the Parallel by Distance command to set the off-set from the property lines quickly and accurately. Hint: Use a dashed and or different color line to make it clear to the inspector.
  1. The Auto Door / Window command inserts a standard architectural symbol for a doors or windows on the house plan- you also have the option to use double line  mode for a more professional look.
  2. SplashWorks gives you the option to design your own pool from scratch or use one of the professional  1400 plus pre-drawn pool templates, spa, 250 plants, or water features templates.
    View some of our Pool Template Libraries here.
  3. Automatically calculate linear footage, area and perimeter.
Pool Design Software Double Line
  1. Drag and drop a template or view them individually.
    Edit, resize, re-arrange, copy and paste, mirror, auto trim line commands, array, text along and arc, mid-point snap are just a few of the tools in SplashWorks.
Pool Design Software Pool Templates
  1. Choose from over 140 Hatch fill patterns.
    Once the hatch is on screen, use the Info Box to switch to another hatch. Use Ctrl + I on the key board to get to the Info box.
Pool Design Software's SplashWorks has 2 Views for template libraries.
  1. SplashWorks can insert images on  your drawing.  This command is very useful in adding illustrations to your drawings.
  2. SplashWorks has the ability to copy and paste an entity between drawings. You can also copy and paste images from other applications onto your drawing.
Pool Design Software, SplashWorks Hatch Examples
  1. SplashWorks produces scale blueprint drawings for your crews and for city plans and permits.
  2. Print separate layers or print selection only options.
  3. The Paper Space Mode command makes it possible to print multiple views of the same drawing in a single print job. View Gallery to see some Paper Space Projects.
  4. SplashWorks has the Ability to Import and Export DWG, DXF and more - Can batch convert files from Auto Cad - Can also import the former Splash V3 and PlanScape symbols and plans you created.
  1. SplashWorks integrates with QuoteWerks.
  1. **These are just a few of the 7 hours of training video's with SplashWorks.
    Single Click directly on the link to activate the pop up window, give the pop-up window a few seconds to come up.
    (Please allow pops-ups for our site so the movie and other images can come up.)

 1. Tracing Over

2.  Using Point Polar to trace over the house.

3. Bring in a Pool Template to a specified size. Coming Soon

4. **Color Toolbox

5. **Snap Toolbox

6. **X and Y

7. **Arrow Keys

8. **Drawing a Line

9. **Drawing a Circle

10. **Ortho-Line

11. **DWG

*Paper Space Mode